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With the support of the European Commission the EUROPE DIRECT Szeged European Union information point opened in spring 2007 within the European Studies Centre of the University of Szeged, Faculty of Law.

Several hundred service offices belong to the EUROPE DIRECT network in Europe, and there are nineteen ED offices in Hungary. Their task is to fulfil the role of a local intermediary between institutions of the European Union and citizens. Members of the network render information regarding EU policies, forward local and regional information of the institutions of the European Union to citizens and they also provide a possibility for public opinion feedback towards EU institutions.


EUROPE DIRECT Szeged is the only office in the Hungarian network, the Host Organisation of which is a higher educational organisation. It is natural therefore, that within our targeted audience we pay special attention to the information demands of students and that our publications and events represent the high professional quality expected at the Faculty of Law of the University of Szeged. Our team has always been open to projects beyond the strictly educational framework of the Universitas. With the operation of EUROPE DIRECT Szeged (now as part of the International and Regional Studies Institute), we manage yet another connecting point between the university, its environment and the European Union.